Wiktor Lewandowski, PhD habil.

photo: Wiktor Lewandowski

Dr hab. Wiktor Lewandowski, prof. UW. Born in 1984. Head of the Laboratory for the Synthesis of Organic Nanomaterials and Biomolecules at the Department of Organic Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw.

Using solutions known from nature, he designs optical materials that are the future of 21st century technology.

He deals with the construction of chemical structures with plasmonic properties, i.e. interacting with light in a way that allows them to be used in optics and optoelectronics. It is the progress in these areas that will determine the further development of communication, information and medical technologies. Research conducted by Dr. hab. Wiktor Lewandowski require an interdisciplinary approach, combining knowledge of theoretical, chemical and physical tools, as well as bio- and nanotechnology.

Dr hab. Wiktor Lewandowski graduated from the Faculty of Biology and the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Warsaw (he also defended his doctorate with honors). He worked in the US, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and in Spain, at CICbiomaGUNE. Among other, he was awarded scholarships by the Minister of Education and Science, Foundation for Polish Science and Rector of UW. He leads a thriving research team, publishing the results of work in the top scientific journals. Research is supported prestigious grants, incl. those from Foundation for Polish Science and the National Science Center.