Marcin Ku�niak, PhD habil.

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Marcin Ku�niak?s PhD work, supported jointly by Jagiellonian University and Paul Scherrer Institute, was on experiments with cold/ultracold neutrons. From 2009 he was employed in Canada at Queen?s and then Carleton Universities, focusing on direct search for Dark Matter with a liquid argon detector, DEAP-3600, located 2 km underground at SNOLAB. He was in charge of the analysis of data and publication of the first results. In July 2019 he returned to Poland to lead a research group at Astrocent. He is also coordinating the Horizon 2020 Twinning project DarkWave, jointly with French, Italian and German partners. Following his habilitation in 2021, he was promoted to Associate Professor.

Ku�niak?s group develops experimental techniques (incl. wavelength-shifting materials) used in dark matter searches and neutrino experiments. The group is active in the Global Argon Dark Matter Collaboration, and responsible for the light collection system for the DarkSide-20k detector, currently under construction.