Prof. Bo�ena Kami�ska-Kaczmarek

photo: Salwador Cyranowski

Professor Bozena Kaminska (PhD) is head of Laboratory of Molecular neurobiology at the Nencki Institute (Warsaw) with interests in transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms underlying brain tumor pathogenesis and neuroinflammation. Since 2009 she is the director of the Postgraduate School of Molecular Medicine of the Medical University of Warsaw. Her international training encompasses a postdoctoral internship at the McGill University in Montreal, a visiting researcher at the Brain Research Institute at UCLA in Los Angeles and the visiting Nanshan Scholar professorship at the Medical University of Guangzhou. She is elected member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (2016) and EMBO (2022). She was a principal investigator in 44 domestic and international research grants, including the National Science Center Maestro, Harmonia, Symphony, OPUS grants, National Center for Research and Development Strategmed 1, 2, 3, Foundation for Polish Science (Master, Team-Tech Core Facility) and ERANET grants. She supervised 27. Her achievements include 147 scientific publications and 10 chapters in books. In 2021 she received a prestigious FNP Award.